Power Supply



Power Supply
Model ALPHA/XM3.1-918-HP
Firmware V1.02.0
Major Alarm OK
Minor Alarm Battery temperature probe alarm; BIU 1 string A mis-wired; BIU 1 string B mis-wired; BIU 1 string C mis-wired; BIU 1 string D mis-wired
Operational Mode Line
Charger Mode Float
Tamper Closed
Power Supply Language English
Power Supply Priority Normal
AC Line Mode OK
Voltage 121.07 V
Current 3.26 A
Power 334 W
Frequency 60 Hz
Tap Status Normal
Frequency Range 3.00 Hz
Current Limit 17.00 A
Input Power Consumption 7,381 Wh
Voltage 89.02 V
Power 196 W
Apparent Power 233.23 VA
Frequency 60.07 Hz
Percent Load 14.50 %
Output Setting 90 V
Output Regulation Fine
Over-current Tolerance 3.000 sec
Retry Delay 60 sec
Retry Limit 20
Active Drop Alarm OK
Active Drop Threshold 50 W
Current 2.62 A
Inverter Status Off
End of Discharge Type String
End of Discharge Level 1.80 V/cell
Reduced Peak Mode Disable
Total Standby Events 57
Time Since Last Standby Event 42d 4h:40m
Time in Last Standby Event 0d 0h:01m
Total Time in Standby 1,336 min
Standby Events Since Reset 13
Time in Standby Since Reset 828 min
Time Since Reset 536 day(s)
Total Run Time 536 day(s)
Transformer Run Time 536 day(s)
Total Downtime 0d 0h:02m
Oil Cap Lifespan Consumed 26.0 %
Self Test
Deep Discharge Cycle Timed
Test Countdown 18 day(s)
Test Duration 10 min
Test Interval 30 day(s)
Test Inhibit No

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