Power Supply



Power Supply
Model ALPHA/XM3.1-918-HP
Firmware V1.02.0
Major Alarm OK
Minor Alarm OK
Operational Mode Line
Charger Mode Float
Tamper Closed
Power Supply Language English
Power Supply Priority Normal
AC Line Mode OK
Voltage 123.84 V
Current 3.41 A
Power 334 W
Frequency 60 Hz
Tap Status Normal
Frequency Range 3.00 Hz
Current Limit 17.00 A
Input Power Consumption 8,244 Wh
Voltage 62.58 V
Power 196 W
Apparent Power 219.65 VA
Frequency 60.01 Hz
Percent Load 19.50 %
Output Setting 60 V
Output Regulation Fine
Over-current Tolerance 3.000 sec
Retry Delay 60 sec
Retry Limit 20
Active Drop Alarm OK
Active Drop Threshold 50 W
Current 3.51 A
Inverter Status Off
End of Discharge Type String
End of Discharge Level 1.80 V/cell
Reduced Peak Mode Disable
Total Standby Events 24
Time Since Last Standby Event 0d 0h:00m
Time in Last Standby Event 0d 0h:00m
Total Time in Standby 298 min
Standby Events Since Reset 1
Time in Standby Since Reset 0 min
Time Since Reset 43 day(s)
Total Run Time 43 day(s)
Transformer Run Time 43 day(s)
Total Downtime 0d 0h:00m
Oil Cap Lifespan Consumed 2.0 %
Self Test
Deep Discharge Cycle Timed
Test Countdown 18 day(s)
Test Duration 10 min
Test Interval 30 day(s)
Test Inhibit No

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